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How to Skin a Sociopath


Unsure if I should just keep this Flash Fiction or if I should make it a novel…Thoughts?

“No disrespect, Mom. She’s your daughter. I fully expect you to take her side. But you weren’t there. You don’t know what it was like.”

She chuckled while flicking the ash off of her cigarette.

How dare this bastard call her Mom?

“See Peter, that’s where you’re wrong. I was there. I was there on the phone with her the first night she found out you were fucking the first co-worker. Then I got a phone call at three in the morning when you would lie about having to work overtime to go fuck a different co-worker. That was me. I was there. Oh, and no disrespect, Peter. I was there for her went you just up and bought plane tickets, sent her and my grandbabies home, and went on about your life so you could create a new life with that woman. So you make up any lie on my daughter you want. You can’t help it. You’re condition is genetic.”

Tina wanted to say so much more, but what was the point?  Peter didn’t have the brain capacity to comprehend words with more than two syllables. And in order to care, he would have to have a soul.

So when she read the news story that said  a Coleman cooler was found in the Chihuahuan desert containing Peter’s head and genitals all Tina said was, “It’s about damn time.”


Done and Over With


Even though he lived in “the better” part of the neighborhood, the lack of streetlights suggested otherwise. That was to her advantage, making it was easy for her to hide in the shadows until she saw T’s car creep down the street. She crouched and skipped over to the passenger side of the car jumped in leaving the door open slightly.

T remained silent but was watching her out of the corner of his eye. Her face was covered with blood and her trembling hands were causing the piece to make a clanging noise against the zipper of her boot.

“It’s done, but there’s blood everywhere.” She said as T turned the corner and sped up.

“I see.” He answered now looking at her face. She was frowning, but tears were pouring out of her eyes mixing with the puddles of blood on her cheeks. “Do you feel better?” He was relieved when she finally blinked causing her mixture to splash on the glove compartment.

“No. It wasn’t enough. I should have taken the time to find each bitch he ever lied to and had them all shoot him in his head while that dumb cunt watched tied to the chair. Instead, I shot him once for each bitch I knew he was fuckin. Then I shot her in each temple.” She chuckled before she added, “It’s not like she used that brain in her head anyway.” She tilted her head and saw his smirk of approval. He was pleased with her; but he always had been. “T? Did you ever cheat on me?”

T erupted in laughter, “Um, no. But what other response do you expect when you just blew the heads off of two people and you still have the loaded gun in your lap.”

She laughed, “It’s only got one bullet left.”

“You always were efficient.”

“Yes I was.” She put the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger knowing at least one man truly Loved her.

©michele mitchell, 2014

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Fall of Fearno:HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2 of 2 – Destroy a City


Fall of Fearno
Because even the most blissful environment needs order, the state of Emotion established the Laws of Trust. These Laws were instilled in the children of Fearno from birth. As the children matured and entered the educational system, the Laws of Trust became the central core of curriculum. However, this curriculum wasn’t made readily available to the “farming children” of Suppressyo and Denyo. It was assumed that because those citizens lived on the outskirts of Emotion, there was no immediate need to instill the Laws in their children.
At first the citizens of Suppressyo and Denyo just went along with the program. They were workers after all, and in all actuality didn’t have the time to notice the change in Emotion.
That was until Doubt and Envy decided to form a coup to change Suppressyo and Denyo into a diarchy where they reigned supreme. But the citizens of the towns were anything but blissful. Because of their occupations, they stayed filthy and unkempt. They were exceedingly thin due to the raw diet they were forced to eat because all they did was toil so that the citizens of Fearno could remain Blissful. However after the Harvest, they were able to have small moments of Joy. They would sit on blankets in the field and talk about their dreams deferred while drinking moonshine fermented from fruit peels.
After Envy took the last sip of apple flavored shine, slurred as he asked a question.
“How many of you are tired of fueling the blissfulness of Fearno?”
All raised their hands.
“I say we heat our sickles in a campfire, and when we deliver the provisions, begin notching the pneumatic tubing, so that the city eventually collapses on itself.”
“Here here.” The citizens of Suppressyo and Denyo agreed. But there was one child named Faithful who pulled at the hem of her mother and asked, “But what will happen to me when Doubt and Envy put the state of Emotion into flux?”

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Fearno, Emotions: HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 1 of 2 – Create a City


No one survived the crash that annihilated Mars into particles. Not that it mattered because the humans were told up front that would be unable to return back to Earth once they landed on Mars. So the only thing the crash did was stop the humans from trying to duplicate an Earth-like planet. So after some light years, Mars’ particles mated with Stars forming seven initial planets (an additional six planets would be discovered later) in the Chakra Solar System. The Green Planet was devised of mostly Seas, but it did have continents for the Goddesses to cultivate their patridas. The patrida which has the most diverse landscapes and people is Devotion. The founding Goddesses of Devotion created their boundaries for states and constructed their cities within states. On the state of Emotions’ coastline lies the city of Fearno.

Fearno is known for its Spanish colonial style beach homes made of glass accented with white onyx wrap around porches and balconies. Those balconies spiral upward creating levels similar to floors in a building. All the levels lead to Plexiglas pneumatic tubing Fearnosians have the luxury of living, going to school, working, shopping and or dining in convenience with the ambiance of the Sea view.

Devotion’s native language is Love. However each patrida has their own unique dialect. The citizens of Fearno, Emotions tend to speak with an agape dialect with hints of eros. Although people on the outskirts of Emotions have a hard time understanding those dialects as they are very different from Suppressyo and Denyo where the farms and water purification plant are that supply the city of Fearno with food and water.


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Upon my Death


The air was perfumed with plumeria blended with the Sea as she gracefully pranced to the surf’s edge and leapt into his waiting embrace. He lifted her until she was in the most favorable position for a passionate kiss from someone of his stature. When he finally yet delicately aided in her return to the warm surf, he chuckled because around her head was the golden crown he had seen over his own head in his dreams.

With a child’s innocence sparkling in her eyes, she looked up at him and with a gasp that combined excitement with surprise and realization asked, “This is heaven?

He spun her around so that she could watch the hibiscus shades of the Maui sunset and whispered into her neck, “It is, and I’ll be here waiting for your return.

©michele mitchell, 2014