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Bubblehead Bohipsy and the Superbowl


Hi guys, it’s been a minute, but I have been working on my fiction projects (or at least trying to).

I’ll try to post links at the end of this blog.

Ok back to the blog.

I sidebar a lot. It’s the way my mind works, keep up. You may even enjoy them.

Ok back to the blog.

I am a woman who actually enjoys watching sports.




Even soccer. I used to play when I was a kid, and was pretty good at it.

Can’t do hockey though; I don’t know the rules, never know where the puck is, and it looks more like the WWF than an actual sport.

My apologies to those that think “wrastling” is a sport. No, no, no. WRESTLING is a sport. Wrastling is just an excuse for men to wear costumes and touch each other inappropriately in public.

But back to the blog.

I enjoy watching sports and I use to know the players, positions, stats, most of the rules, and the names of the officials.

Yeah it was that deep.

But due to a plethora of things, my adoration and knowledge of sports has changed.

For instance, as I was writing, I became disturbed because I didn’t know if Superbowl was one word or two.

Then I realized, who cares?

Now although my personal adoration and knowledge of sports has changed, there are some constants.

A-I am an Eagles fan. I bleed green and I will continue to until my ashes are made into a tree. Do I care that they haven’t seen a Superbowl in ten years? Nope, bite me. Don’t care! Fly Eagles Fly!

B-Since the Eagles are typically not in the Superbowl, as long as none of the NFC East teams are in it, I’m good. If they are I root against them.

  1. I will then root for NFC teams. The Bears and the Saints are my favs. If they are not in the Superbowl then I typically choose the team who geographically closer to me.
  2. With that being said, go Panthers!

HOWEVER, I know NOTHING about Cam Newton except that his name sounds like a dry ass cookie I hardly ever eat. I dunno what he’s dabbing nor why he is doing it.

Sue me. I’m still making a pepperoni mushroom pizza ring and will probably eat the whole damn thing for dinner as I watch Sleepy Hollow on Hulu.


Have fun y’all; don’t drink and drive!


Since the writing of this blog, I found out Super Bowl is two words. Am I changing it? Nope!

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Made Me Happy Monday


what I’m sure I’d look like on the beach!

Photo credit:

(in order of appearance):

10-Good morning texts

9-Being called “Sunshine”

8-The milk hasn’t spoiled

7-First sip of coffee

6-The guy at Verizon Fios who had English as his first language—YES!!!

5-My Spirit kinfolk

4-My Mom’s laugh

3-Family who looked out for me in a time of need

2-A loaf of bread

1-Being able to create this list

A huge thank you and shout out to: It Started in Oxford for the idea


p.s. fuck drake


“I should have known that I would have to avoid Facebook because autoplay does not care about my mental health.”

~Ray(nise) Cange~


my tears have always formed a little too fast

flowed a little too swift

filled hollow spaces creating hallowed places

deep enough for baptismal

or drowning




it’s a god damned shame to now know

the exact number of bullets

that used to occupy a clip

since it only takes one to kill.

pardon my distractions but will someone let me off the hook

piercing through my conscious

immediately i was ashamed of myself

when i said i was dying for a cigarette

felt really selfish for enjoyin

video of whale leapin and chasin speed boats

guilty for sharing an ebay auction of my favorite artist

even worse for contemplating a bid.

i kid you not

today i asked a friend

a black woman

if it is okay for me to grieve

cuz i once read somewhere that a white woman’s tears

weren’t welcome

so out of respect i ‘ve always held them in

i now notice my jaw is always clenched

throat seems strangely swollen

tongue scarred by teeth marks

and i want to yell


i want a fucking despise button

on facebook

because the cowardly cover-ups of monstrous murders

can not continue to be liked

tolerated then excused

i sat here confused

ashamed that i was avoiding this poem

not because i didn’t want to do it

but it’s been written before

for too many names

jeopardizing my own sanity

forgive this poem

because unlike the video from cell phones and dash cams

it wasn’t edited before posting

© michele mitchell, 2015

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True Blood TidBits 7/20/14 ***spoiler alert***


1.LMAO @ cow tippin Ginger off the coffin.

2. My La La said all the live long day. Would it be awkward if I proposed??

3. We are muthafuckin celebratin life!! –La La…Here here I say!!!

4. LOL @ Pam and Amber!!!

5. You don’t know us sweetheart; we can be assholes-Eric

6. Did I ever mention that I HATE Tara’s mama?

7. Bill bores the bejeezuz outta me now.

8. I so don’t like Jason’s whatever she is; Ion even remember her name.

9. Andy…lol…but Holly looks like hell right bout now. Did I just fuckin cry at that proposal??!?!

I suck.

10.Oh son of bitch!!! ARLENE is makin me cry now…ugh

11. LMAO La La saved the day with his credit card metaphor.

12.*raises hand* Was anyone else turned on when La-La kissed James??? Like “contemplating a real awkward threesome” turned on??? No? Just me? Damn La-La, damn.

13. REPUBLIC-CUNT!!!!! ________________________DNR


14. LMAO @ Keith dial down your sexy

15. Um…La La sho did tell Jessica the fuck off??? LMAO…get chur man boo boo.

16. You stabbed somebody Auntie; that’s why people think you’re crazy!!!- LaLa

17. I’m not a monster; I’m a Buddhist. I just can’t anymore with this heffa here.

18. Rut roh, Jason and Jessica.


  1. Who the hell are those Asian insurgents?
  2. Why isn’t Sarah Newlin DEAD YET?!?!?
  3. Da hell– Bill got the vampire AIDS too? 


Random Bizarre Banter for 6/18/14


10. I took a past life quiz and found out that I was John Lennon—Kewl!!!

9. However, I woke up with The Long and Winding Road in my head, which is sung by Paul McCartney. Theme maybe?

8. In talking to my daughter last night, I am giving myself permission to get angry; I just don’t want to keep angry. Well, maybe in a little locked box fully loaded.

7. Sociopaths really do not care if you are angry; and if they did, if your anger doesn’t work to their advantage they really do not care.

6. I wonder if my migraines are caused by weaning off caffeine???

5. I seriously have no idea what’s going on in politics, but now I am wondering if I am really half Russian or half Ukrainian. And does it matter, as they both have intimidating, deadly mafias, and I am also half Italian???

4. Speaking of Italian, I took another quiz and the mob boss I am most like is Vito Genovese, which completely contradicts being John Lennon in a past life, but aye whattayagonnado—and KEWL!!!

3. I need to stop taking quizzes, because I am also most like the Disney Character Alice from the Wonderland and that definitely contradicts Vito, but not Lennon so– KEWL!!!

2. However in the character quiz for Alice in Wonderland, I am most like the caterpillar, which is a great fit with John and Vito. Say it with me—Kewl.

1. I am now taking applications for seasonal muses. I will need at least four. One for each season and possibly equinoxes. Must have current blood work, psychological exam and a complete understanding the job is an unpaid, on call, temp to perm position but it does have many unique benefits. If interested, inquire within and I’ll explain qualifications.

Extra Credit:

Yes these thing all ran through my mind this morning, before coffee.

Can you imagine if my brain was healthy???

                                    Love is Eternal,

                                    Bohemian Gypsy

True Blood Tidbits Season 7 Ep 4 (spoilers, language)


  1. He Loved the fuck out of you, Sookie.– *tears*
  2. You don’t think I wanna cry?.., That’s all I wanna do. But if I gotta man up, you gotta man up too *tears 2*
  3. I’m sorry; did we fuck and I blocked it out?? –Mwahahahahaha I want that power.
  4. All I keep thinkin is I want Jason to speak is his native tongue so I can lick…I mean like him.
  5. When did Sookie become the voice of reason?
  6. I SO did NOT recognize Ginger.
  7. Wakey, wakey vampire homies… Rebone, how are you?
  8. I have done some fucked up shit that’d make me hate myself for it, but I don’t…I killed the man I loved…—.hmmmm see….never mind
  9. You didn’t?!?!..You are such bitch…-Eric
  10. Why did Eric and Pam just knock up on Bill’s door like “sup”.?
  11. Ugh perfect, Sookie’s here…She’s like a fuckin fungus that won’t go away.
  12. Ok, Arline is STILL alive…and what is Eric up to? I’m confused. There’s no cliff hanger?? What’s goin on??? WTF?!?!?
  13. Did anyone die? Who was relevant?
  14. Now, I have said this before, and I will say this again…I NEED LaLa in my  LIFE…no for real. I’ll even take Nelsan Ellis the person. He is sessie, smart and has been known to mistakenly slip into LaLa mode. Jussayin, I am SINGLE…lol, Wait, he isn’t. Sigh,it figures. They are either gay, married, sociopaths, ugly, jobless, have no teeth, are my height…and so on and so on…

The Last I Counted There were at LEAST 284 Idiots in the World.


I wasn’t gonna post today. It was a complete “down day” for me, because I didn’t have the energy to apply myself to do shit except get dressed…but that’s not relevant, just know…

I wasn’t gonna post today.

I was meandering about Facebook, and I came across the shot of Willow and Jada Smith that corresponds with this blog. It was posted supposedly by Jada herself saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I thought it was fucking adorable.

I scrolled down to read the comments and came across THIS ignant ass shit. Yes I MEANT IGNANT ass shit!!!

Here is the comment:

She is too young for hair dye and full face make up. Keep a kid a kid

At last count, 283 people clicked “like” on that comment.

I swear I wasn’t gonna post today


Willow is 13!!!



She is the daughter of two high profile celebrities who are both eclectic and creative.

So WHAT, that she dyed her hair and has on make-up?!?!?!

Did anyone of these assholes bother to ask why she did that???

Was it for a movie?

A music video?

Was she just playing around in make-up and experimenting with hair color?

Was she trying to emulate her mother?

Or was she just being 13?!?!?!

I remember when I was 13, I used SunIn and KoolAid to dye my hair different colors and experimented with make-up.

What did my Mom do?

She berated me and put me on punishment.

NOT because I was 13!!!


I did it behind her back.

Hence my point:

If Jada and Will do NOT have a problem with letting their children express their individuality, WHY THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE SO UPSET BY IT??!!??!!

Do they know what their children are doing while they are busy berating the parental choices of others on the internet??

My last point (I think)…lol: If you don’t like what celebrities do or say…



Willow, I think you are dope; do YOU baby girl.


Love is Eternal,

Bohemian Gypsy

Ps. I wasn’t even gonna post today.