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must exercise prudence…


for hom and mhc

he has no idea how his consuming candor

tip-toes with fluidity around the edge of heart beats

making all four chambers echo in baritone staccato

he mustn’t know there is a longing to touch the sunburst

braided into the glorious crown of a self-proclaimed awkward King

a fascinating strange that engages in conversations colored in clockwork orange

angelic anarchist whose lips preach poetic praises to Queens after puffing Ports

no need for game to entertain my tongue tip flicking his shadow


a younger version of my late future husband now grown

it must never be known

must proceed with caution

the desire to get lost in his aura then rising

sharing strawberries and bagels on living room picnic comforters

praying one day for the bravery to let him know

that he makes all four chambers of my heart echo in staccato

and i want to his heart to harmonize

with mine.

©michele mitchell, 2014


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epithalamion of the twin flames

Twin Flames by MentalAlchemy

for jmb

breathing bated at best

necessary resting after ascension

skin sprinkled with the onyx sands of punalu’u

pineapple kisses scented with hibiscus

call for the arrival of Spirit

his palette’s aura streaks the sky

brush strokes with pleasured purpose

we make Love rainbows

abstract climaxes splash

bliss speckled royal crown


the Sea is jealous

beckoned the hues of our reunion


swept away by the tide

again we paint

with the blessing

of the Universe

©michele mitchell, 2014

word of the day

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billowing black smoke from the slowly fading ember doused with doubt

is still a light, still a beacon in the night, for those who lost their way

their sight



unable to manifest

digressing into hopelessness

no not yet.

ever wonder why one cannot see smoke in the night sky

unless there is a light behind it

around it

above it

proving old proverbs are positive

fan the flames of faith

giving Hope a chance to live

through the smoke of the fire

the light of the aura radiating

from the enlightened


©michele mitchell, 2014

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