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for a Spring baby (tanka)



raindrops ceased tapping

with orchestrated silence

in Earth’s symphony

notes carried by winged flutes

on the hopeful Spring sunbeams


fragrance of blossoms

scenting the newborn breezes

Mother Nature smiles

we maintain our gratefulness

even between the rain showers

© michele mitchell, 2015


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Soul survival


Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind

never knew it was fought over

wings torn from a stillborn heart

gasping from a gaping hole

no salve could soothe the sores

Love pleaded to fill

before the fight ended

before the bloodied bruises broke open leaving scars

before she no longer believed

fully achieved apathy

she sharply inhaled

one last time

hoping to resuscitate

her soul

2015, michele mitchell


Photo credit: Soul carried to Heaven by William Bouguereau

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sharing Love candy (for posterity

poemYour blog just became a viral sensation. What’s the one post you’d like new readers to see and remember you by? Write that post.

in the beginning was childhood

scented by rain water on cement

sunshine drops

mingled with baby lotion and corner store candy


newborn Love

kissed under willow trees

adorned with blinking fireflies

Love made every day Christmastime

song a symphony suitable to groove to

Love is overcoming heartbreak

not the cause

the square root of honesty and unconditional acceptance

times innocence

Love equals playin double dutch in her Easter shoes

no worry of scuffs

Love at the end

in the end

is enough.

© michele mitchell, 2015


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outing the innocent


due to circumstances beyond their control

a war was raged on the pure of heart

deception and indifference extinguished their Light

Hope with without Faith was forced to fly blind

crashed into ashen rainbows and shattered

scattering shards into raw raped flesh

not yet covered by hardened scar tissue and malice

nothing grows in the dark except for mold and cold hearts

eyes eventually start to adjust to darkness and now the Light

actually burns

the first time

one wears rose colored glasses.

© michele mitchell, 2015


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do not question it


“am i altering your aura, your ideas, your dreams, or am i merely moving you to temporary and reactive action?”

~Audre Lorde, Poetry is not a Luxury~

for aj

if a woman says you make her comfortable

believe her

allowing you to read her naked mind

takes more bravery

than any sensual pleasure she could provide

her body is where her Spirit sleeps while her heart dreams

as her soul smiles

she has no need to beguile

she will not fork her tongue

filling your mind with lines of debauchery

you stimulated her

by letting her

be her

so that you can see her

with your eyes closed

why then would she blindside you

she’s only desires to provide

a space where

you can be

be you


where you can lay your burdens down

your head upon her breast



believe her

© michele mitchell, 2015


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i read the news today…


oh boy

baby boy

brown baby boy

brown baby boy blue uniform

brown baby boy blue uniform white man

brown baby boy blue uniform white man

shooting bullets

shooting bullets leaving bloodstains

chalk outlines

sign of the times

mess with your mind

hurry before it’s 2 late

let’s fall in love

get married

have a baby

we’ll call him nate…

if it’s a boy

baby boy

oh boy

i read the news today

© 2014, michele mitchell


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aesthetics 101 (Daily Prompt-August Blues)


aesthetics 101

fresh notebook paper

causes blank page anxiety

cursing cursive roots

planted on rows of lines

looped petals awaken

tease then grow into

notes or poems or stories

tucked in folded rainbows at the end of summer


crisp fresh air

causing anticipation

as Summer winds down

with hues of its last sunset

kissing Autumn’s leaves

cracking beneath my feet and the robin egg shaded sky

turning to blankets of onyx adorned with

Mother Nature’s most precious gems

while conversation

laughter and stolen kisses

are muses to cure

blank page anxiety

©michele mitchell, 2014


As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

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Other Seasons That Grew:

  1. Summer and I, we have a love hate relationship.