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An “Uber”-MiMi Milestone!


For those of you unfamiliar with my story, please click here.

For everyone who has helped me get places and things since I got ill, I want to preface this by saying a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

If you know me at all, you know that I am/was ferociously independent. I am used to doing things on my own. So much so, I really do NOT like asking for help. I still feel like I should be able to be independent and I have a hard time admitting I am disabled. But the truth is I am, and I’m gonna have to get over it.

I guess.

Today marks a day of triumph for me. I took my first independent trip out of the house since my aneurysm rupture. I pretty much had to because I needed stuff, and I couldn’t wait for someone to become available to come get me.

I was told about Uber by a few folk, but I was apprehensive for a myriad of reasons. Most of which were probably fears fabricated in my broken brain. Those fears were outweighed by my need to get to the store.

But, I am rambling, I do that.

My bad.

I finally used my first free trip on my Uber account.

And where did I go?


I know, it’s kinda pitiful. Especially because Walmart is now a horrible experience for me because of the crowds and other “overstimulation” factors. (Noise, etc).

I am having insomnia issues, so I was up at three am. My broken brain said, “Aye you know if you go to Walmart early, it won’t be as crowded.”

So I did.

Uber is a life-saver. The drivers were so nice. I found out they like their “jobs” because they are their own bosses. If they don’t want to work one day, they simply do not turn on the Uber App. It’s a safer than being a cab driver because they don’t carry cash, (it’s all done through the app. And for the most part they can pick and choose what areas they want to drop off and pick up folk.

Both drivers I dealt with were relatively new with the company. They seemed to have one common issue.

The drunk people can be…well, use your imagination.

The cost, you ask?

Let’s put it this way.

My trip TO Walmart was FREE, because I used a promo code.

My trip back was roughly $11.

I dunno if that’s considered expensive or not, but when you consider I was picked up in under ten minutes by smiling happy people and I didn’t have to rush, to me it was $11 well spent.

Yes, I will use them again!!!

Oh and if YOU want to use them and get a free ride worth $20 hit me up, I have a promo code!!! Plus I’ll get another free ride too!!!

Not for nothin, if you’re lookin to make some extra money, I’d contact them to see what you need to do. Seems like a sweet deal to me.

I am proud of myself.

And once I do some finagling with my finances, I may actually be able to get out more.

Do things.

Visit people.

I am happy.



The Diametric White Chick Who’s Pissed


Malcolm X… [was] approaching a building with three of his associates when a young white woman momentarily blocks his path and asks what she, as a white person, can do to help his cause. Malcolm tersely answers with one word — “Nothing” — and passes her by. (

I have put off writing about the Michael Brown tragedy because I honestly felt anything I wrote would sound trite or redundant. Because of my health , I unable to fly to Missouri or even cross the bridge into Philadelphia and peacefully show my support. Because of my financial situation, I am unable to donate money. So what can I do? This question haunted me like the quote above. I was afraid that my answer was also nothing.

Then I realized that I, in fact in the past have done something. It may have been a small something, but it wasn’t nothing.

That is why I miss teaching so much. Because I was an English professor, my job was to instruct my students to write essays to preparing them for further college assignments. When it came to teaching the argumentative essay, I would typically use current events to capture the attention of my students making them more engaged about what they were writing. I started was a professor from 2008-2012 and unfortunately, then and now there have been a plethora of events to write about.

What was apparent to me that most, if not all, of my students black or white knew very little, if anything, about these events. It was also horrifyingly disturbing that if anyone did have knowledge of the murders most of them were apathetic. I didn’t dare bring up Mumia Abu-Jamal or the MOVE bombing, because most of them weren’t even born yet, so they would be even more apathetic if that was possible. It was infuriating because:

A-I have two interracial children; this affects me.

B-Because of how and where I was raised, most of my friends are African-American; this affects me.

C-At one of the campuses in which I taught, the racial makeup of my students was predominately African-American and Hispanic; again, this affects me

It wasn’t unusual that one or more my students would ask me with either confusion or defiance:

Why do you care?

My answer would restate the above, and then I would add:

Because, I am a diametric white chick, and for those who asked that question your argumentative essay assignment is why you don’t care.

After the gasps, I swear one could hear a rat pissing on cotton in my classroom.

Because of my health incident, I was put out on disability shortly after that, so I never read those essays.

If anyone bothered to write them.

~Love is Eternal~