Next Segment: Write In the Middle of It


“And what is your relationship to the victim?” The admissions clerk asked over a desk.

Pete cradled Sadiah’s delicate, bloody frame in his arms like a baby. His face contorted in anger, “Who the fuck I am ain’t none of your business! This baby needs some help!”

“Sir if you don’t calm down, I’ll be forced to get the police.” The nurse replied as she made check marks on a clipboard.

“Fuck that I’ll get them!” Pete hurriedly passed the admission area and slammed through the doors leading to emergency room. There were a few doctors standing around filling out paperwork but no one looked extremely busy. Looks of shock formed on their faces as Pete yelled,

“Doesn’t anyone work around here?!”

At that point Sadiah was carried from Pete’s arms, taken over to an examination room, her body was swarmed over by the doctors and then the curtain snapped shut in his face. He walked over to make shift waiting room, sat in the first chair, and buried his face in his hands. He felt his forehead become moist and looked again at his hands, which were covered in Sadiah’s blood. Pete sighed and shook his head and began pacing back and forth. He knew he should have pressed Sadiah a little harder to get her address, but she wouldn’t give him any more information.

Possibly because she was protecting that boyfriend of hers,

Because the injuries were done with such malice there was no doubt in Pete’s mind that he did this to her. If Pete weren’t out scoping the streets for her, he would have never heard the muffled sound of what he thought was an abandoned baby. He almost vomited at the sight of Sadiah’s battered face.

For what seemed like an eternity, the doctors worked behind the curtain. They only appeared to get more supplies or summon more doctors. Pete patiently waited and struggled with calling Sadiah’s father. He decided to wait until he knew more about her condition.

No sense giving him any kind of false hope.

Someone put a hand on his shoulder and when Pete looked up he saw the same admissions clerk standing over him. He rolled his eyes and sighed deeply.

“Sir, I’m sorry,” she said more annoyed than concerned as she handed him a clipboard, “but we need you to fill some paperwork out and provide us with any insurance cards…”

Pete cut her off, “Does the girl look like she had insurance?!” He winced when he realized he referred to Sadiah in the past tense but he has seen too many cases where that was the outcome. He snatched the clipboard and filled out some basic information, then attached a credit card to it before thrusting it back at the nurse.

“Bill me. Will that do for you?” The clerk’s expression changed from annoyed to embarrassed in a flash and off she stomped through the doors to her neat and orderly desk. Her presence was replaced by a city police officer.

“Pete.” The officer said extending his arm out for Pete to shake his hand.

Pete stood up and firmly shook the officer’s hand. “John.”

Pete knew John from another case he had worked on in the past. John was from a good, strong Italian family with teenage daughters of his own. He respected Pete for the diligent work he did. John shifted his belt around his potbelly and took of his cap to run his hand through his gray hair.

“Is this one gonna make it?” John asked placing his cap back on his head.

“Dunno.” Pete said as he began pacing back and forth.

“Any suspects?”

“I’m pretty sure her boyfriend did it.”

“We have an address?”

Pete shook his head. “Nah but she works at that club.”

John smirked, “Yeah don’t they all.” There was uncomfortable silence between the pair. “Any folks?”

“I’ll call her father as soon as they tell me somethin.”

“You know anything about the boyfriend?”

“Nah I just recently made contact with her. She didn’t tell me nothin, I guess she thought she was protectin him.”

“A lot of good it did her.” Pete shot John a knowing glance and resumed his pacing. “I’ma go see if I can get any of her info from the owner. I’ll come back if I hear anything.” John watched Pete pace for a minute and then put his hand on his shoulder startling him a little bit.

“Pete?” When Pete turned to look at him his face wore a worrisome expression.

“Take it easy, aiight?” John said more Italian than usual.

Pete nodded, “Yeah ok.” John walked away leaving Pete to pacing while praying for Sadiah.



Brett flew out of the alley and sprinted the seven blocks back to the room. He was half hoping that Sadiah was there lying on the bed, but he knew that she wasn’t. When he rushed in the door he saw what he feared, an empty bed. Brett threw himself on the floor and gathered all of Sadiah’s belongings and threw them on top of the bed. He then grabbed the trash can and dumped its’ contents on to the floor replacing it with Sadiah’s belongings. He didn’t even lock the door when he left and barreled down the stairs. When he reached the door to go outside he ran smack into Erik.

“Damn dawg.” Brett frowned.

Erik pushed him back forcefully, “Damn yourself. Slow the fuck down already.”

Brett a little stunned from the knock changed his expression because now was not the time for bullshit.

“You right, my bad.” He attempted to keep walkin when Erik grabbed him by his shoulder.

“Yo, have you seen Mekayla.”

Brett frowned again, “What’s it to you?”

“Look mothafucka, I was just lookin for her that’s all.” Erik growled.

“Yeah well, I saw her. We were at The Basement, then I walked her home.” Brett said as if he accomplished somethin.

Erik’s expression changed from disgust to concern. “She ain’t answer her door.”

“Maybe she don’t want to see you!” Brett said growing some balls again.

Erik sucked his teeth and balled up his fist and clocked Brett right in his jaw. The blow sent Brett flying backwards, scattering the contents of the trash bag all over the street. Erik saw Sadiah’s underwear, make-up and her left over drug paraphernalia. He picked up a pair of panties with the spoon and straddled Brett, who was propped up on his elbows holding his jaw. Erik threw the spoon at Brett’s head.

“I knew you were a bitch, but damn man, panties?” Brett went to get up but Erik pushed him back down on to the sidewalk again.

“Nah don’t even try it. And stay the fuck away from Mekayla.” Erik stepped over


“Damn freak.” he said as he continued to walk down the street kicking the contents of the trash bag as he walked.

The fuck if I will. Brett thought. As a matter of fact, as soon ad I cleaned up this garbage, I’m going to go see her before Erik gets to her.

to be continued…


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