How to Skin a Sociopath: Hospitality


Her car hummed and zipped hugging the twists and turns of the exit before winding down a driveway leading to the garage in the back of her estate.

Doctor Nadia Swan stepped out of her tangerine colored GTS coupe and took her hair out of its neat little bun. Her long dark curls flew into the wind behind her tiny frame like a banner following a sea plane. She clicked the remote which simultaneously, set the alarm on the car, shut the garage door, and unlocked the entrance to the house. She walked down a glass hallway leading to a huge sliding glass door that lifted open as she approached it and shut behind her. Her stilettos then clicked across a marble floor to a room which one would have assumed was the entrance to a den or family room. Instead, it was a state of the art hospital room. In one bed was Lance Corporal Jackson.

Restrained and sedated, clean-shaven, but relatively unharmed.

On the other side of the room, however, was his girlfriend Mariah. Also restrained, but completely bald and bandaged from the waist up. Nadia checked their charts, then their vitals before addressing them.

“Looking good, guys. After your procedures, you should be out of here in no time.”

Nadia turned the television on and flicked to Jerry Springer. The episode, of course, was about cheating spouses and their mistresses.

“Dinner will arrive shortly. Rest up, you both have a big day tomorrow.”

With that she left the room, and went into her home office.


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