Segment Nine: Write In the Middle Of It

Sadiah promised Pete that she wouldn’t work at the club for a week if he promised not to tell her Daddy that he found her just yet. She opened up to him telling the horrible Ms. Howard story and now Pete understood why Sadiah ran away. Since Brett was never home anymore, Sadiah had time to herself to think but the jonesin made it impossible for her to sit still, so she went for a walk.

Since all she had were high-heeled boots, Sadiah found it difficult to walk as many blocks as she did and her feet were starting to kill her. Not to mention, that all she had were work clothes so she was cold as well. If it wasn’t for Brett’s leather coat, she may have painfully frozen to death.

Sadiah heard the music coming from The Basement blocks away. She wanted to go in so bad but she was under twenty-one so she decided to sit in the alley and listen to the band. She sometimes did that when Brett wasn’t around and she had the night off. As she delicately hobbled down the alley she noticed a couple sharing passionate kisses against the wall. She decided not to walk all the way down but sat in a doorway adjacent from them. She turned her back to them but could still hear their conversation.

“Stop,” the female said breathlessly full of regret.

“What’s wrong?” the male said. The voice sounded vaguely familiar to Sadiah but she paid it no mind.

“I can’t do this. This is wrong.” she said

The male sighed and chuckled, “All we are doing is kissin”

Sadiah could hear the female shuffle away from the male, “Infidelity is the committing of any act that would anger you if you knew your partner did it.”

The guy chuckled even louder, “It’s not like your man is gonna catch you. It’s not like he’s even out looking for you.”

“And that makes it right?” she said with anger in her voice.

The male walked over to the female and drew her closer to him, “I know it felt right.” He licked her lips like her would lick other places on her, and she whined like a baby, “Tell me you don’t like how it feels.”

“That’s not the point” She pushed him away and Sadiah could hear her walk down the alley towards where she was sitting. Then she heard the male follow.

“Get off me!” she said with anger in her voice, “I shouldn’t even be here with you.”

“But you are.”

“I love my man.”

“So,” Brett chuckled “you act like I give a fuck about him!”

All Sadiah heard was a slap, which she assumed was the girl, smackin the shit out of the male’s face.

She would have slapped the insensitive bastard too. But then again ol girl wasn’t right either. I mean she was for all intents and purposes, cheating on her man.

“Fuck you!” the female said and stormed down the alley closer to Sadiah scrunched in the alleyway so she wasn’t seen. He grabbed her forcefully this time because Sadiah could see their shadows.

“Mekayla wait! Look I’m sorry, okay?” He tilted her chin up and noticed she was crying. “Why are you crying?”

Mekayla started sobbing, “Because I’m wrong, dead wrong. If my man knew this, it would kill him. I’m not trying to hurt him.”

“Then don’t tell him,” He said as he kissed the tears off of her face. “He ain’t gotta know”

She stomped her foot on the concrete, “What do you want from me?” she whined.

He kissed her lips and she kissed him back

“You.” Mekayla pushed him away and ran down the alley. Ol boy just stood there cussing under his breath.

Sadiah crept up from the doorway and sauntered down the alley to the spot the couple was initially standing. She was watching him kick the ground and cuss to himself. The closer she got to him the stronger the nausea got in her stomach. Sadiah couldn’t explain the feeling until he turned around.

Got dammit!  That motherfucker!!

Sadiah charged after Brett and began pounding on his chest.

“You bastard!!!” Sadiah screamed.

Brett grabbed her arms, “Diah, stop it! Calm the fuck down!”

Sadiah back away but continued to shove Brett in his chest. “Who the fuck is that whore?”

Brett chuckled, “That’s funny, you calling someone a whore.”

Sadiah hit him again in the chest, “Is this why you ain’t ever home?”

“Like you ain’t know.” he said still chuckling

“Is that why you don’t touch me anymore?” Sadiah said still punching away.

“I know you need to stop hitting on me Sadiah”

She hit him in spite, “Why?” Backing up as if she was going to box him,

“What are you gonna do?”

As if on cue, Brett snatched Sadiah up by her neck and drug her to the back of the alley. She squealed and gurgled as he was choking her with his bare hand. He threw her against a dumpster and he heard something snap. Sadiah let out a cry of pain barely audible to her let alone any passers by.

“I hate you!” she hissed instead of yelled.

Brett got on his knees and straddled her.

“Good, then leave me the hell alone.” He muttered through clenched teeth. “You are always messing up my plans. I shoulda known better to lay down with some nasty stripper. Now I can’t get rid of her fleas.”

“You weren’t worried about that before.” Sadiah winced in pain

“I know better now.” Brett said punching the dumpster behind him

“So what, she ain’t no different from me, just that she gives it up for free.”

“Shut up! He said this time punching her in the mouth.

Through bloody lips, Sadiah hissed, “I’ma tell her. I know who she is, I see her all the time. I’ma tell her how crazy you really are. She’ll have no problem going back to her man.” Brett backhanded her again this time Sadiah chuckled and spit a tooth in Brett’s face, “Keep hitting me till you kill me. I’ve died emotionally already.”

Brett hit her again and again. With each hit Sadiah laughed louder and louder.

The hits kept coming until the laughing stopped.

to be continued…



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