Segment Seven: Write In The Middle Of It


Mekayla was suffering from the worst case of writer’s block and because of this she had become impossible to deal with. She could be laughing and joking one minute then the next minute become snappy and reclusive. Erik thought that if he volunteered Mekayla’s services for Haunted Poetry Weekend, it would keep her mind busy and off of the fact she couldn’t write.

It actually depressed Mekayla more. For one, when she called Kevin about the event he told her that he had to coach an away game that weekend and more than likely would not make it. If he doesn’t make it that will make a total of six weeks that her and Kevin had not seen each other, which was the longest time that they have spent apart since they became a couple. So every time she had to go to one of those

overzealous Haunted Poetry Committee meetings Mekayla was reminded of the fact she wouldn’t see Kevin.

Not only was she not seeing Kevin, but Mekayla noticed that she hasn’t talked much to Kevin either. At first she chalked it up to her being really busy, but one night when she was flopped across her pillows watching cable she realized it was Saturday and her phone hasn’t rung all night. Mekayla walked over to her desk and grabbed the phone to dial Kevin’s number.

When she reached his voicemail she dialed his cell.

When that instantly went to voicemail, she threw the phone onto her pillows and flopped down next to them.

Why the fuck ain’t he answering his cell? He always answers his cell.

Mekayla never had a reason not to trust Kevin before, but now she was feeling a little uneasy. Why was it that all of a sudden that he couldn’t just come up after the game? He never had a problem with it before, but he told her he would be too ‘tired” to drive up Saturday night. When Kevin and Mekayla got together they rarely slept, so she didn’t understand why he was tired all of a sudden.

And now he isn’t answering his phone.

What’s really going on here?

She grabbed the remote and mindlessly started flipping channels but there was nothing on TV to watch so she shut it off and tossed the remote next to the cordless phone. She jumped up from the pillows, walked over to her desk, and shook the mouse to her PC. Staring back at her from the monitor was a blank word document. Mekayla sighed, sat down and began to type.

Maria took a long drag off of her cigarette and stared into the horizon off of,


Mekayla stopped typing.

What the hell am I gonna name the boyfriend?

Erik was right I rushed this whole thing. Well I don’t have to give him a name right now.

Mekayla began typing again.

Maria took a long drag off of her cigarette and stared into the horizon off of his balcony. Going home from visiting him is always hard. It seemed that she is rushed to shower, pack and get everything ready for the ride to the train station. When they get to the train station the goodbye is casual as if Maria will be home for dinner. She often wondered if he knew she wound up crying for most of the train ride home.

Mekayla stopped typing and reached into the drawer under the desk and grabbed her cigarette stash, which included a lighter and ashtray, and lit up. She often wondered herself what Kevin felt when they would leave each other? He always seemed to be okay, like it really didn’t bother him. Like dropping her off at the train station or gassing his car up was just something on his “to do” list.

He seemed to do it so effortlessly.

Mekayla never bothered to bring this up to Kevin because she never thought it mattered. They had that kind of love that went without saying. They could just look at each other and know what was on each other’s mind. So why was she feeling so insecure now? She began playing with her twists at the front of her head when the phone rang. Assuming it was Kevin, Mekayla got butterflies in her stomach as she picked up the phone.

“Hello?” she answered

“Mekayla?” the voice said.

“Yes?” she asked quizzically.

“Hey you, it’s Brett.” he said.

“Oh hey, ” Mekayla said walking back over to her cigarette to bring it to the pillow pile.

“Were you busy?” Brett asked hanging on the receiver to the pay phone for dear life.

“I was writing.” She said in a tone implying Brett disturbed her.

“Do you want me to let you go?” he asked hoping she would say no.

Mekayla took a long pause and puff before answering ” Nah, you aiight. What’s up?”

“Listen I wanted to apologize for last weekend at the coffee shop. I was completely out of line.” Brett said looking in his pockets to make sure that he had enough change for their conversation.

Mekayla’s face became sullen as she rolled over onto her stomach, “Please Brett, I forgot all about that. And besides I was out of line for flirting with you.”

The smile took over Brett’s face, “Ah, so you were flirting with me?!”

Mekayla could do nothing but chuckle.

“I thought so.” Brett said as he paused for effect. “So you aren’t seeing your man this weekend?”

“Nah”, Mekayla said blowing smoke.

“You wanna hang out or are you really busy writing?” he asked quietly depositing three nickels into the pay phone.

“Actually I have been blocked for a long time; it’s starting to piss me off.”

Mekayla metaphorically answered.

“Well The Basement has a neo soul band tonight, do you wanna go?” Brett asked completely missing Mekayla’s thinly masked metaphor.

Mekayla winced, “I don’t know if I should.”

Brett laughed, “Oh what Kevin doesn’t allow you to go out?”

“Don’t start.” Mekayla snapped.

“Okay okay,” Brett answered holding his free hand up in defense. “I’m sayin, call him, tell him you are going out, and meet me there in twenty minutes, ok?”

Mekayla pondered for a moment before answering.

What harm could it do?

She looked down at her faded T-shirt and jeans and said, “Aiight, but let me change into something a little more suitable and I’ll be there.”

“Great, see you then.”

Mekayla hit the button to her phone, put out her cigarette and rushed to her dressing area. She pulled out her favorite frayed flares and her tangerine peasant top that tied at the breasts. Her excuse for getting changed was just simply that she wanted to look appropriate for the venue. She convinced herself that she didn’t care what Brett thought, but subconsciously she did. Maybe it was because she hadn’t seen Kevin in a while and wanted to feel attractive. She knew that the outfit she picked flattered her assets and quite frankly at this point wouldn’t mind if they were noticed. Her common sense was battling her ego at this point.

She wondered what Kevin would think if she knew he was going out to meet a man he knew nothing about. But as Brett brought to her attention, Kevin has plenty of female friends she knew nothing about, and knowing Kevin was a sharp dresser, she was sure he didn’t dress down for them.

Oh well fuck it.

She would tell Kevin all about her evening when she got home. Mekayla knew technically she wasn’t doing anything wrong so Kevin had nothing to worry about.

At least that’s what she told herself.

She finished the look with her coffee clogs and hemp accessories. One good thing about having twists was that Mekayla didn’t have to do her hair. She walked over to the mirror and ran some tangerine gloss over her lips, sprayed her Obsession in places she probably shouldn’t have, grabbed her coffee suede sack and walked out the door.

At that point her phone starting ringing. On the fourth ring Mekayla’s machine picked up.

Ay this is Mekayla, I’m not available, but leave me a message.

“Ay yo sweetie, it’s me. I’m sorry I missed your call but I was in the shower. You are probably writing, so call me before you go to bed. I love you.”

to be continued…


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