Next: How to Skin A Sociopath Introducing Detective Gaskins


Gaskins didn’t know why he got pissed every time he got a call in the wee hours of the morning. After fifteen years of detective work, he should have been used to it.

All the dumb shit happens in the devil’s hour.

“Yeah?” He gruffly answered.

“Gas, it’s me Kenny.”

“I know who you are Kenny, what is it?” He was now sitting up on the side of his bed lighting a cigarette.

Kenny was the department’s forensic tech who wanted nothing as badly as he wanted a promotion to investigator. An intelligent kid, but he knew it, so he came off as a know it all. No one in the department really liked him. It didn’t help that he was long, lanky and looked like Howdy Doody. Everyone called him Dude.

Except for Gaskins.

Kenny respected him for that.

“I wasn’t gonna call you, because Sarge said there wasn’t anything to investigate. Just this head and genitals in a cooler.”

Gas chuckled, “Someone was pissed, do I hear a but coming?”

“No prints, nothing but the victim’s blood…”

Gas put his phone on speaker so he could walk freely around his room to get dressed, “I understand Du…”

He caught himself.

“…Kenny, what’s the point?”

“The point is another cooler was found. They think it’s the vic’s arm”

to be continued…


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