How to Skin a Sociopath


Unsure if I should just keep this Flash Fiction or if I should make it a novel…Thoughts?

“No disrespect, Mom. She’s your daughter. I fully expect you to take her side. But you weren’t there. You don’t know what it was like.”

She chuckled while flicking the ash off of her cigarette.

How dare this bastard call her Mom?

“See Peter, that’s where you’re wrong. I was there. I was there on the phone with her the first night she found out you were fucking the first co-worker. Then I got a phone call at three in the morning when you would lie about having to work overtime to go fuck a different co-worker. That was me. I was there. Oh, and no disrespect, Peter. I was there for her went you just up and bought plane tickets, sent her and my grandbabies home, and went on about your life so you could create a new life with that woman. So you make up any lie on my daughter you want. You can’t help it. You’re condition is genetic.”

Tina wanted to say so much more, but what was the point?  Peter didn’t have the brain capacity to comprehend words with more than two syllables. And in order to care, he would have to have a soul.

So when she read the news story that said  a Coleman cooler was found in the Chihuahuan desert containing Peter’s head and genitals all Tina said was, “It’s about damn time.”


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