do not question it


“am i altering your aura, your ideas, your dreams, or am i merely moving you to temporary and reactive action?”

~Audre Lorde, Poetry is not a Luxury~

for aj

if a woman says you make her comfortable

believe her

allowing you to read her naked mind

takes more bravery

than any sensual pleasure she could provide

her body is where her Spirit sleeps while her heart dreams

as her soul smiles

she has no need to beguile

she will not fork her tongue

filling your mind with lines of debauchery

you stimulated her

by letting her

be her

so that you can see her

with your eyes closed

why then would she blindside you

she’s only desires to provide

a space where

you can be

be you


where you can lay your burdens down

your head upon her breast



believe her

© michele mitchell, 2015


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