going somewhere…?

Tibetan Book of the Dead

be clear

why pass time

when intimate moments

can be conceived through

the pulsing energy of fingertips

during meditation

sated exhalations birth

Earthly breezes turning the world counterclockwise on its axis

ask me this and replies are reciprocated

completely naked


share intimate moments

stepping out of the bath

what color is the towel you reach for

or do you drip dry

do you close your eyes while you pray

lament or moan

so much time is spent

actin grown yet no one grows

no one knows

roses do not grow from concrete

even if you plant your seeds in the street

they’ll never see beyond their block


before we cross that line

passing time

be clear

be my guide

be naked with my mind

© michele mitchell, 2014

photo credit: http://www.thomaslkellyphotos.com/


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