the Heart’s hypothesis

poemthe awkward moment when you realized your secret crush resembles your first TRUE Love

you want to write a poem about the resemblance, but you’re too perplexed because

the next time someone asks you if you have a type you can answer yes

so yes

i am drawn to royalty like hieroglyphics on Pyramid walls

enthralled by the candor of a man who two steps to the cadence of the Sea

led to Love limbs so long his fingertips twirl the Moon to change the tides of chance into truth

so that they view the union of we


his chiseled cheek bones personify the pleased expression of Akhenaten

inspiring me to study dynasties and pay homage to the Sun

one can not tell where his Soul ends and mine begins

my reflection shines in his skin proving we are one

infinite, manifested energy

Love is energy

energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can change forms if it must

thus explaining why my first TRUE Love

resembles my secret crush

© michele mitchell, 2014

photo credit:


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