Golden Fruit

absolutely stunning!!!



There was an enormous tree
In the middle of a field
Bearing a single fruit
Glowing like precious gold

Word spread and people came
They jumped all day
They decided to return home

But since that day
They couldn’t forget
The beauty of the glowing fruit
And all else just seemed crude

And so they gathered again
And decided to build a ladder
But every time they climbed
The tree simply grew higher and higher

In frustration they exclaimed
That this fruit
This spell-binding precious fruit
Was impossible for any man to attain

But one man
Sat under the tree
Continuously muttering
‘Good things come to those who wait..Good things…’

Lo and behold
When the time was right
The golden fruit fell from the tree
And disappeared into the man’s heart

Be patient for not all things can be plucked


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