Do Writers Take Breaks?

I haven’t been posting; I know it, but I am not feeling well physically and emotionally. They (whoever “they” are) say that real writers should write something everyday.

I beg to differ. I need to be inspired ,and normally that comes from whatever emotion I am living at the time. With everything that is going with me presently, my work would be riddled with depression and fear. Writing work like that would exacerbate those emotions, so I choose not to write from the heart.

I could use prompts, but The Daily Post prompts as of late, suck. Sorry, but they do. At first I could pull a poem out of them. When that became daunting, I tried just answering the prompt in a short story kind of way. Now??? If I can’t finish reading them, I’ll be damned if I can write anything off of them.

My two fiction works are even on hold at the moment, I just don’t have the energy.

My mentor would tell me to read outside of my usual genres to become inspired. I would, but because of how I am feeling reading isn’t conducive right now. Shit, I can’t even read the blogs here, and my head is pounding trying to write this.

Am I pushing myself too hard?

Is it okay just to “veg out” until I am healed up, feel better or become inspired?

Do writers take breaks?

Love is Eternal,

Bohemian Gypsy


3 thoughts on “Do Writers Take Breaks?

  1. irenedesign2011

    If you need a break, then you take a break without need for asking others. Your own healing is more important than anything else and we will wait for you. Send healing your way 🙂


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