True Blood TidBits 7/20/14 ***spoiler alert***


1.LMAO @ cow tippin Ginger off the coffin.

2. My La La said all the live long day. Would it be awkward if I proposed??

3. We are muthafuckin celebratin life!! –La La…Here here I say!!!

4. LOL @ Pam and Amber!!!

5. You don’t know us sweetheart; we can be assholes-Eric

6. Did I ever mention that I HATE Tara’s mama?

7. Bill bores the bejeezuz outta me now.

8. I so don’t like Jason’s whatever she is; Ion even remember her name.

9. Andy…lol…but Holly looks like hell right bout now. Did I just fuckin cry at that proposal??!?!

I suck.

10.Oh son of bitch!!! ARLENE is makin me cry now…ugh

11. LMAO La La saved the day with his credit card metaphor.

12.*raises hand* Was anyone else turned on when La-La kissed James??? Like “contemplating a real awkward threesome” turned on??? No? Just me? Damn La-La, damn.

13. REPUBLIC-CUNT!!!!! ________________________DNR


14. LMAO @ Keith dial down your sexy

15. Um…La La sho did tell Jessica the fuck off??? LMAO…get chur man boo boo.

16. You stabbed somebody Auntie; that’s why people think you’re crazy!!!- LaLa

17. I’m not a monster; I’m a Buddhist. I just can’t anymore with this heffa here.

18. Rut roh, Jason and Jessica.


  1. Who the hell are those Asian insurgents?
  2. Why isn’t Sarah Newlin DEAD YET?!?!?
  3. Da hell– Bill got the vampire AIDS too? 



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