a little bit tipsy


shhhhhh i know it’s five am

you have to work at eight but let’s do it again

woozy and brave on rum and afterglow

you know like i know

how i flow

fingertips on piano spines

kisses bittersweet like clementines

remember how we make time stand still as you feel and fill

my flow

shhhhhh i know it’s six am

you have to work at eight but call out again

syrup is mo than just for breakfast baby

don’t act like you don’t like it kinky

like it crazy

down below where the bass beats

thump thump thunder clap

sexy slaps and bit lips

make you wanna call your job and quit

shhhhh i know it’s nine am

we ain’t ever gonna have this time again

rest a while

twist my hair

don’t you remember

thinly masked metaphor

dark dramatic splendor

soft steady breathin after sippin nectar

shhhhh i know it’s ten am

pull out your cell and call me when

you wake up

it’ll be a day or two

you’ll be dreamin

feel it’s real and

you’ll be back around two


shhhhhh let’s do

it again

©michele mitchell, 2014

Photo credit : http://dourdan.deviantart.com/art/Frost-crossover-198996291





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