Random Bizarre Banter for 6/18/14


10. I took a past life quiz and found out that I was John Lennon—Kewl!!!

9. However, I woke up with The Long and Winding Road in my head, which is sung by Paul McCartney. Theme maybe?

8. In talking to my daughter last night, I am giving myself permission to get angry; I just don’t want to keep angry. Well, maybe in a little locked box fully loaded.

7. Sociopaths really do not care if you are angry; and if they did, if your anger doesn’t work to their advantage they really do not care.

6. I wonder if my migraines are caused by weaning off caffeine???

5. I seriously have no idea what’s going on in politics, but now I am wondering if I am really half Russian or half Ukrainian. And does it matter, as they both have intimidating, deadly mafias, and I am also half Italian???

4. Speaking of Italian, I took another quiz and the mob boss I am most like is Vito Genovese, which completely contradicts being John Lennon in a past life, but aye whattayagonnado—and KEWL!!!

3. I need to stop taking quizzes, because I am also most like the Disney Character Alice from the Wonderland and that definitely contradicts Vito, but not Lennon so– KEWL!!!

2. However in the character quiz for Alice in Wonderland, I am most like the caterpillar, which is a great fit with John and Vito. Say it with me—Kewl.

1. I am now taking applications for seasonal muses. I will need at least four. One for each season and possibly equinoxes. Must have current blood work, psychological exam and a complete understanding the job is an unpaid, on call, temp to perm position but it does have many unique benefits. If interested, inquire within and I’ll explain qualifications.

Extra Credit:

Yes these thing all ran through my mind this morning, before coffee.

Can you imagine if my brain was healthy???

                                    Love is Eternal,

                                    Bohemian Gypsy


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