प्यार कवियों


poemfor aew

master of metamorphosing mundane into magic

as if it would be tragic to go unnoticed

took glee in the glean of my understanding

poems of happenstance were synonymous with us

what of it?

transformed partly cloudy skies into pinwheels of our Joy

spun me- felt like flying

kissed me- felt like dying

he wrote acrostics in my first name with his last

we writhed and rhymed

memorized recited lines


we began and ended one another

heard his thunder thoughts

through the winds of me

preaching that my freedom was paramount

blessing then liberating my dreams

emancipating my innocence to run free

barefoot on rain soaked cobblestone sharing honeysuckles with fireflies

mating with the glow from my fingertips

caressing the dominion within his temple to soothe

serenity into his smile

it was magic…

if we had a second chance it would be

everlasting…like the poets in this rhyme

whose souls are intertwined

©michele mitchell, 2014

photo credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Neon-Sex-Glows-15077180







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