True Blood Tidbits Season 7 Ep 4 (spoilers, language)


  1. He Loved the fuck out of you, Sookie.– *tears*
  2. You don’t think I wanna cry?.., That’s all I wanna do. But if I gotta man up, you gotta man up too *tears 2*
  3. I’m sorry; did we fuck and I blocked it out?? –Mwahahahahaha I want that power.
  4. All I keep thinkin is I want Jason to speak is his native tongue so I can lick…I mean like him.
  5. When did Sookie become the voice of reason?
  6. I SO did NOT recognize Ginger.
  7. Wakey, wakey vampire homies… Rebone, how are you?
  8. I have done some fucked up shit that’d make me hate myself for it, but I don’t…I killed the man I loved…—.hmmmm see….never mind
  9. You didn’t?!?!..You are such bitch…-Eric
  10. Why did Eric and Pam just knock up on Bill’s door like “sup”.?
  11. Ugh perfect, Sookie’s here…She’s like a fuckin fungus that won’t go away.
  12. Ok, Arline is STILL alive…and what is Eric up to? I’m confused. There’s no cliff hanger?? What’s goin on??? WTF?!?!?
  13. Did anyone die? Who was relevant?
  14. Now, I have said this before, and I will say this again…I NEED LaLa in my  LIFE…no for real. I’ll even take Nelsan Ellis the person. He is sessie, smart and has been known to mistakenly slip into LaLa mode. Jussayin, I am SINGLE…lol, Wait, he isn’t. Sigh,it figures. They are either gay, married, sociopaths, ugly, jobless, have no teeth, are my height…and so on and so on…

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