Monday Morning Oddities


10. I woke up with shuffled Love songs in my mind.

9. Cloudy days are comfy.

8. Supermoon plus pending thunderstorms equals migraine.

7. I need to give myself a break mentally; I push myself too hard.

6. My Google history alone would convict me

5. Jimi Hendrix was a Sagittarius.

4. If I were a musician, I would play the drums.

3. Everything could be a poem.

2. Breaking the nail on my left middle finger is rather poignant due to the recent chain of events

1. I can go back to bed now without guilt.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Oddities

    1. cutelilgypsy Post author

      i have 2 coils in my head that repaired (well one of them did) aneurysms…so when the barometric pressure drops my migraines get worse. I am more accurate than the weatherbug


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