for ejp

                                           (make sure mw has a dictionary handy)

Rhapsodist keys pen the paths betwixt seasonal extremes

tumultuous tropics where Love is deceived by the humid

reflections of mistrust and duplicated lustful tundra of a tell-tale heart

change your verbiage whoremonger

no one desires to hear

the same mimicked moans and scripted songs sung on collarbones

seeing the same

ejaculation expressions

“no, not yet…I don’t want to yet, why do you DO this to me?”

i’ll admit was made a fool since five years after the millennium. but now…

you are caught

so since you have a half-baked, brainless, benefactor bamboozled

i bid you adieu

i shall wander on the word trail scribing stanzas swollen with my rebirth

recorded in the fourth book of electric hieroglyphics after salutations of Summer

choosing authentic enchantment within illuminated pages

over his falsified dark hued blues

edited by black ink truths from the ravaged heart and slashed Spirit of a Rhapsodist

 scribing the final chapter of the Soulthis

©michele mitchell, 2014


In Contre Sainte Beuve,  Marcel Proust writes: “In reality, as soon as each hour of one’s life has died, it embodies itself in some material object, as do the souls of the dead in certain folk-stories, and hides there. There it remains captive, captive forever unless we should happen on the object, recognize what lies within, call it by its name, and so set it free.” This week, practice being a “namer.” Recognize what lies deep within the objects you come in contact with, and try to conjure up a name that fits. Write a poem about a name you came up with that you find particularly inspiring.

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