Sea, I don’t DO country. (daily prompt, reviving bricks)


You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

I don’t mean to be difficult; I really don’t. But I can’t be in the country. It’s bad enough people have a hard time crossing a bridge to come see me in Jersey, but goin to the country??? Yeah, pretty sure that’s not gonna happen.

So my mansion is AT LEAST a seven story abandoned circular mansion by the Sea.

  • The first thing I will do is renovate so the energy source would be solar and/or wind powered.
  • I will have each floor soundproofed and remodeled for floor squeaks, but an intercom system would be installed.
  • The walls will, in fact, be large two way mirrors so that everyone residing there would have a view of the Sea but would maintain their privacy.
  • Each floor will be decorated in the color that represents a chakra color, and each ceiling will have a corresponding mandala decorated with different mediums.
  • The bottom floor (root) would strictly be a meditation room or a room for relaxation and quiet. (no intercom would be installed in that room).It would be decorated entirely in white with red accents. Soft white rugs and large red pillows will be scattered about the outer perimeter of the room. The center of the room will be stone with a manmade waterfall flowing into the pool/Jacuzzi. There will be native trees and flowers placed carefully about as well. Frankincense will permeate through the ventilation system to help complete the healing process. Along the walls there will be four doors. One leads to an outside deck which has a walkway to the private beach. Two of the doors lead to a male or female changing room with a shower and grooming area. The last door is the elevator which has a special coding system. This elevator will stop at each floor.
  • The first floor (sacral) is the kitchen/dining area. Theme color orange.
  • The second floor is the living/recreational area. Theme color yellow
  • Third floor is the library/study. Theme color green
  • The fourth floor is the guest suite. It has 1-2 bedrooms, living quarters 2 full size bathrooms complete with a multihead shower, a sunken tub with optional jets, dressing areas that have walk in closets attached. Theme color light blue
  • The fifth floor is the child suite. It has 4-6 bedrooms, 3 full size bathrooms. Theme color indigo.
  • The top floor is the master suite. Large bedroom and living quarters. Even larger bathroom with multihead shower and huge sunken tub/Jacuzzi. Large changing and make-up area. Ceiling of room has a remote so you may look at the stars at night from your bed. This room has a balcony which wraps around the whole home large enough to share an intimate breakfast or late night snack with your betrothed. The theme color is lavender/violet.

Other standard features and amenities:

One can choose to take the elevator or the spiral staircase in the center of the house.

All floors have walk in closets.

All floors have private balconies equipped with security features (especially for the children).

Individual temperature control.

The basement has three full size washer and dryers, ample storage space and a private walkway to the garage. Nonresidents can enjoy free parking on the street at first floor level.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I can’t wait for you to stay.

Love is Eternal,

Bohemian Gypsy



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