True Blood Tid Bits 7/2/14 ***spoilers/explicit language***

I know, I’m late, bite me. (no seriously, I like that shit)

1-ERRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIICCCCCC cmere u sessie skinny pale vamp you and make ME a martini

2-Wait wait wait wait…da HELL you doin with Jason??? Da hell!!! OH IT HAD BETTER HAD BEEN A DREAM….Jesus Mary Joseph and the fuckin camel.

3-It most definitely was Ghandi I was playin Chinese Checkers with the tub -LaLa

4-Okay, yeah “eyes a little slow”…I finally realized that was Paula Jai Parker…with her unseemly ghetto self

5-Why did St. Alice look like Broadway in Camden?

6-…and our mayor who’s a dog bear

7-No matter how upset or angry you are, don’t throw your cell phone in the woods and don’t go get it. (Stupid ass Sookie)

8-Okay crazy ass Tara mama..I just…somebody needed to murk that addict SEASONS ago. Useless character.

9-You for him the same way every single person on the planet falls for their first Love, hard and fast…all that makes ya is… human-Alcide…really? Ugh…I Love ya but UGH…That’s I don’t wanna be human…lol…I’ll be an albino panther. Yeah…uh huh…I sure will.

10. Pam can sure travel…lol Rhone Valley, France huh? Elle est rapide comme l’enfer dans ce noir moulante!!!!



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