Done and Over With


Even though he lived in “the better” part of the neighborhood, the lack of streetlights suggested otherwise. That was to her advantage, making it was easy for her to hide in the shadows until she saw T’s car creep down the street. She crouched and skipped over to the passenger side of the car jumped in leaving the door open slightly.

T remained silent but was watching her out of the corner of his eye. Her face was covered with blood and her trembling hands were causing the piece to make a clanging noise against the zipper of her boot.

“It’s done, but there’s blood everywhere.” She said as T turned the corner and sped up.

“I see.” He answered now looking at her face. She was frowning, but tears were pouring out of her eyes mixing with the puddles of blood on her cheeks. “Do you feel better?” He was relieved when she finally blinked causing her mixture to splash on the glove compartment.

“No. It wasn’t enough. I should have taken the time to find each bitch he ever lied to and had them all shoot him in his head while that dumb cunt watched tied to the chair. Instead, I shot him once for each bitch I knew he was fuckin. Then I shot her in each temple.” She chuckled before she added, “It’s not like she used that brain in her head anyway.” She tilted her head and saw his smirk of approval. He was pleased with her; but he always had been. “T? Did you ever cheat on me?”

T erupted in laughter, “Um, no. But what other response do you expect when you just blew the heads off of two people and you still have the loaded gun in your lap.”

She laughed, “It’s only got one bullet left.”

“You always were efficient.”

“Yes I was.” She put the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger knowing at least one man truly Loved her.

©michele mitchell, 2014

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