Universal bliss in season


for aew

the beginning of Spring was beckoned by a subtle Northwestern breeze

sent by Argestes after sippin mint tea with Venus for a while

they spoke about spellbound smiles and the frailty of Earth children

whose planets will align for a sublime period time


their truthful tongues will speak with open minds to free verse

making rhyme for no reason other than enjoying the pleasure of unified lines

finding lips brushing under his Aries Moon creating constellations

he asked about her plans on the birth of the age of Aquarius

blushing body answered encouraged the rushing of the inevitable sensual rhythmic repetition

she woke entwined in his limbs and summoned Durga from within

while he kissed her and wished on a shooting star reflected in the emeralds in her irises

neither questioned the origins of this as if the bliss was infinite


at six Venus switched to mint julep and Argestes bid her farewell

breaking the spell casted over the lamenting Earth children

who now scribe tales of twin flames extinguished

by a subtle Northwestern breeze

michele mitchell, ©2014

photo credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Orb-of-Love-279645139







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