the definition


for keith “boogie” brown who says he pays men to hurt me so I write dope poems….you outta money yet , damn?? ;-D

charles merriam and noah webster were either misogynists or ridiculed children

abandoned shortly after birth

the labor of Love no longer hurts once the first

heart beat and cry are heard

let us save the young one before he learns his first word

before her thoughts and expectations make the transformation into absurdity

that Love is a noun

a person place or thing to be polished like bling, possessed like property or improperly

disposed of like trash once the ass was gotten

all promises were forgotten

like tomorrows that never came as hard as he did when she screamed his name

what’s in a name that is no longer proper

that no longer can be obtained like monetary gain or passport stamps

it’s easier to fool a dumb tramp and stomp on the heart of the benevolent

who spent her years of her life wearing her knees out in prayer for his pain that never existed

spent her days wiping her eyes because she didn’t realize between the kisses he spoke lies when he left before sunrise

she coulda woulda shoulda surmised that his Love wasn’t proper then or now

his Love never was a proper noun

Love is a verb

an action

more than a reaction to random splashin orgasms

that had him weak for weeks

was that a joke; all tongue in cheek ?

fingers in holes

third toe sucked while being fucked the goal


no one wins except the pimp and the choir of whores

he befriends so his sad song never ends, but now

she’s tired of the tune that’s playing so the crooning is over

she can be found digging under the soil ripping out roots,

spilled seeds, and dreams differed

all because charles and noah neglected to teach

each part of speech for the word

©michele mitchell, 2014

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