today his burden must be heavy

because ambers are like embers upon my spine

scarring the space between my shoulder blades

where he once spoke my name in balmy gasps


if anyone asks my heart chakra is now honeydew

maliciously scooped out for the alcohol soaked watermelon

swimming too close to the cuts on the cantaloupe

for i mix up my fruit all the time

the grapes of wrath is on rewind in my mind

finding me pausing for the cause

in a bgirl stance coercing tulips in Holland

to do windmills so breezes will not be difficult but cooling

who am i fooling

we had wars

and won

made love for a price

a daughter

and lost


t’was a gamble not for naught

i unknowingly won a soul tie

and when his back is in knots

embers burn down my spine

©michele mitchell, 2014

Photo credit http://mandalamadness.blogspot.com/2007/12/solar-plexus-chakra-mandalas.html







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