Since my Aneurysm Didn’t Kill me; I Guess my LTD Carrier Will.


Thank you for letting me vent. If you are interested, please read below.

Mr. (Case Manager Name)
As, I know I have mentioned to you previously, I have difficulty getting to my mailbox to retrieve my mail. However, I am NOW in receipt of , yet again, another threatening letter from you regarding the unnecessary information you are requesting from my PCP(name). SHE (in the letter she was addressed as HE) is my PCP, correct, but the only reason I went to see HER was because I needed my prescriptions refilled. Two of those Rx were prescribed by Dr. (Psych name) (whose records you already have) and one was prescribed from Dr. (Neurosurgeon’s name)
Due to the issue with my health insurance which I went without for three months (which I ALSO explained to you). When I finally received my insurance, Dr. (PCP) was kind enough to write those Rx for me. Because the Keppra keeps me from having seizures. The Lamictal and Sertraline keep me from being SUICIDAL due to the fact that my brain aneurysm rupture happened on the hippocampus of my brain. But you should already know all that because you have Dr. (Neurosurgeon) records . You ALSO have the records from (Behavioral Health Center)where I was committed for a suicide attempt on March 17th. BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE MY MEDICATION FOR THREE MONTHS!!!
When I called you regarding my stay , your words to me were “so you just have mental issues, there isn’t anything physically wrong with you”. As your lines are recorded, there shouldn’t be an issue with your QA finding that phone call.
On May 13th I had an outpatient surgery called a cerebral artery angiogram ALSO performed by Dr. (Neuro). I went for the follow up appointment on June 13th and I was told that I need another brain surgery to prevent MY OTHER aneurysm from rupturing. I am currently waiting for confirmation for THAT surgery date which should be in the next few weeks.
The deadlines you provide me are unreasonable as I cannot drive, and as you may be aware, I need to make an appointment with my PCP to get paperwork filled out. HOWEVER, I DO BELIEVE IT WAS Dr. (Neurosurgeon)who put me out of work and not my PCP.
Since you appear to be insensitive to my health condition,  I am going to relay all of this information in a phone call to your supervisor ASAP!!!
I have also instructed my daughter that if my other aneurysm should rupture from all of the stress you , as my case manager, have put me through, to call the local news and also obtain an attorney and see what legal action can be provided to her.
I should not be crying and typing at two o’clock in the morning, so that my only source of income doesn’t get terminated. I should be asleep HEALING and not put in a position where my blood pressure is climbing due to a case manager who appears to be apathetic.
I hope this fax will FINALLY clear things up for you, so there isn’t any more confusion.
(My name)


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