True Blood Tickles 6/23/14 *spoiler alert*


Hey Hey WordPress!!!

Whether you like the show or not, that’s okay. I do; and it’s been a tradition of mine to watch the show and list my favorite quotes on Facebook, but this will be easier for me.

A couple of things you should know:

* I don’t like that hoe Sookie. But she does say some dope ass things about Love.

* La La is MINE and call me a hag if you want to but he is HILARIOUS and his makeup is FIERCE.

* Pam is just as funny, and she rocks the hell outta that cat suit.

* Alcide-YUM.

* Tara nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

* I think I am Fae. Cuz I always got assholes chasin after and gettin high off me. Then they morph into whatever evil being they are and bounce. I’ma zap them bitches with my light one day, watch.

And NOW for the quotables:

  1. WTF?!?!? Tara in the first five minutes? See you shoulda left your crazy ass mama alone!!!
  2. Sam annoys me so much that him naked doesn’t even turn me on.
  3. LMAO at “You’re a muthafuckin dog!!!”
  4. Sookie, why does your cell phone voicemail say, “I’m not in right now”? I swear I hate a stupid bitch. Then you throw it away and TRIP in the woods…
  5. Ok, I am not done with this dumb hoe. She gonna push ALCIDE away??? Sheeeeeeeit.
  6. “It has a certain ghetto je nais sais quoi”…Gimme a sec to get altered; then I’ll give you lunch.
  7. “You are one metaphysical fuck.”

Ps. What is Pam doin?? I’m confused.



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