The Lying Game (For Mature Readers Only)


First off, let me tell all of you who say I hate liars to seriously stop stating the obvious. I am not sure there’s a kinda sick individual who likes liars…well wait.

The only individual who should like a liar is the type who is hanging from a sex swing while their masked companion has a cat-o-nine tails and asks do you want more. The answer might be a lie, but you might like it depending if you are the dom or submissive.

Don’t judge me.

Secondly, let me dispel the myth that someone could be good liar. The term within itself is an oxymoron. One cannot be good and be a liar. Being a liar makes you bad by default. Now as I am typing this I am picturing an overzealous little twit waving his/her hand violently in the back of my blog. Let me get all House MD before he went into rehab on his/her ass real quick:

There is no such thing as a white lie. The shit does not exist. Why? Because the so called definition of a white lie is a “harmless lie told to not hurt someone’s feelings.

In case some of you are dense as fuck (sorry I am in a BAD ass mood and that is NO LIE) I will give you an example of a so called white lie:

A: Do you want to come to my BBQ on Saturday?

B: (liar): I’m sorry I would but I have a funeral I have to go to.

A: Oh my condolences…who passed???

This could eventually turn into the snowball lie, but for brevity sake, I will explain why this lie would not work.

In some way or another A will find out that no one died and that B just didn’t want to go to the BBQ. Now A’s feelings are hurt and will not trust B or any excuses B makes. B is just an asshole.

On a completely separate tangent, why is called a white lie? Is it like the color of purity and shit?? You would only have to have common sense to know that there is sheer dishonesty and evil in white.




Ok my bad.

For now on, I hereby rename the white lie to the dinosaur lie because neither one of those motherfuckers exist.

If you MUST LIE and you don’t want to get CAUGHT in a lie. Don’t forget to tell the same lie to EVERYONE on your “sucka ass sucka list”. Nine times out of ten the suckas know one another and will eventually call you on yo bullshit. If your sucka ass suckas can fight or own a weapon, I suggest you leave town or learn martial arts. But rather than do all that, wouldn’t it be easier NOT TO FUCKING LIE?!?!?

Unless you are a sociopath and can’t help it. In that case, seek HELP IMMEDIATELY.

Game Over.

For now.

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9 thoughts on “The Lying Game (For Mature Readers Only)

  1. Ronovan

    You know, I may not be one to use certain words, but I can appreciate an honest and passionate statement when it’s made. Great point made. A very great point. (I just love your site, just so you know.) And I am very unhappy that someone drove you to this.
    Much Respect

      1. Ronovan

        Nope. I only follow honestly. And I don’t lie. Kind of a side effect of my concussion. 🙂 My yes means yes and my no means no. And if I have nothing nice to say I don’t say it.
        And I like what you do here and it is wrong anyone would upset you to the point you would vent like this. But your honesty will connect to others who feel the same way.
        I think I am going to start exploring your site more if you don’t mind.
        Much Respect

      2. cutelilgypsy Post author

        Yeah I had to vent. Ironic that we both have brain issues. I have to have some sort of outlet because if not my blood pressure will rise and that would be dangerous for my aneurysm. By all means have fun exploring 🙂

  2. Anani-Moscato

    I REALLY don’t want to be a nit picker, or drive your mood further down into the shitter, especially when I agree with the basic statement being made. Lies suck all the way around, white, black, dinosaur, or mousy. I hate when I am lied to, even when its about something unimportant, like the famous white lies (A: Honey do I look fat in this? B: Naaaaahhhh you’re gorgeous no matter what you wear!)
    But a good liar, though “good liars” don’t exist, people who are good AT lying exist, that’s the main way that its used (in my opinion anyway) and in THAT sense, they do exist…I guess.
    Anyway vent on! And cheers! *round of applause*
    (Please don’t hate me)

  3. Phoenix Tears Healed

    venting is healthy, it’s like a volcano releasing pressure, feel much better for it afterwards 🙂

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