10 Fun (?) Facts about Me You Never Asked for but I’m Telling You Anyway


Inspired by Ronovan

10-I have to be coerced to dance in public.

9-My hair at one time or another has been every color of the rainbow.

8- I really don’t care that I am overweight; I’d rather die eating a cheesesteak than a piece of kale.

7. I almost died three times (that I’m aware of) I know not so “fun”, but YAY I’m alive.

6. I want my nose ring back.

5. When I approach any body of water, I get goose bumps of excitement.

4. I will literally stare at the ocean all day.

3. I am 5’5” in heels and 4’11 in real life. Do the math

2. I suck at math.

1. am oddly shy (now more so than ever) and I have to be really comfortable with you to let you into my actual “space”

***I may have a part two…lol

Photo credit: www.dreamstime.com




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