female fan (daily prompt)


Team USA is playing today in the soccer World Cup in Brazil Do you have any funny/harrowing/interesting memories from a sporting event you attended, participated in, or watched?

woke to the stares of erving and mcginnis wedged in the woodwork my bedroom door

didn’t have much of a choice to find out who they were

the first time i remember my mother swearing was at a ref

who knew that was a fuckin foul

funny what traits are passed down

weeknight sports bar my head sways to defensive plays

hand waves off drink invitations but elicited laughter

snarky comments about me really knowing the game

for a girl

eyes hurled daggers at delaware valley natives

rooting for celtics or lakers

after Iverson broke his defender’s ankles

hit the two

then ceremoniously stepped over lue

ill take that drink now

cuz not only do i know the game

for a girl

i know it better than you

©michele mitchell, 2014

Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/offside-memories/

Photo credit:housethatglanvillebuilt.blogspot.com

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