10 reasons why i shouldnt nap


1. Where is beyond pissed off?

2. Would my life change dramatically if I gave “flying fucks”?

3. If I am “mad as hell” does that mean hell’s mouth foams up?

4. And is “hell” beyond pissed off?

5. If I ain’t got shit to say, where did my shit go?

6. Did shit go beyond pissed off?

7. If so, beyond pissed off a must have a really foul odor.

8. Why doesn’t beyond pissed off have its own name?

9. Is that where all the flying fucks go?

10. So my life won’t change because I can’t give flying fucks because they might be beyond pissed off and I don’t know how to get there because it stinks that it doesn’t have a name, so I am gonna give a rabies shot to the hell mouth.

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