I Can’t Shut Down


No seriously, I am a little creeped out

It’s like my thoughts are sporadic rapid misfire.

Damn that sounds like a dope line to a poem

I’ve had Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find” stuck in my head for two days.

I only sleep in two hour intervals

Again??!!! This some bullshit, but my brain must be doing some deep ass healing

When I am awake like now all I feel like doing is writing or being creative in some capacity.

Even my dreams are vivid and lucid, but I keep dreaming about this guy I “saw at one time” (I guess that’s the term) and I have no feelings for him whatsoever anymore, so I wonder what the hell he is doing in my subconscious? Does he need to tell me some shit?

You’ll never find

Maybe I’m just nervous.

Or unhappy.

It’s hard being positive all the fucking time

I am going to drink that milkshake in the freezer… fuck who it belongs to it’s in myfreezer.

Shut em down…shut em shut em down

You’ll never find…

I wonder if those brain scan things on House can really monitor what part of the brain is being used when it lights up.

Maybe I can volunteer to be a part of a study on brain damaged thought.

I am pissed again.

Someone who cares about you…the way I do…

It’s hot.

I need to find a good deep…meditation (get chur mind out da gutter)

You’re gonna miss my lovin…

Lights out.

See you in an hour or so…I can’t remember how “You’ll Never Find” ends…

Wait for the update.

Photo credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sporadic-Internalsim-Implode-139239697




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