The Degrees of Separation of My Crazy Mind


Just when I was about to give up on The Daily Post, I was meandering about WordPress and came up with the “Five Posts to Write Right now” suggestion. I came across number two, which was to write about a typical childhood lunch.

Don’t ask me why but my mind went back to “field trip lunches”. Those lunches where Mom either forgot we were having a field trip or it was the day before payday, so we got a bologna and cheese sandwich with mayo, wrapped in tin foil, cheesy poofs also wrapped in tin foil, and a thermos. You would pray as you were opening it that inside was filled with the powdered iced tea and water concoction or even the WIC grape juice, but it wasn’t…wait for it…it was MILK.

Warm milk at that.

Why was it warm? Well because your lunchbox sat on a picnic bench all morning as you were running around a playground. The playground was called Soupy Island.

I fuckin LOVED Soupy Island as a kid. Why? Because it had a big ass slide with speed bumps, and it was conveniently covered by colorful wood so it shaded us from the sun. One teacher would hand out sheets of wax paper to make our descent speedier. It was SOOOOO much fun.

What was even more fun was that this playground had a carousel. How DOPE is that??? The irony was if we went to a theme park a carousel would be the last thing anyone would want to get on. But for this field trip it was the main attraction. Was that sad? Nah, it was just CHEAP!!! So cheap that I believe the field trip was done in at least two of the grades in elementary school.

So I Googled Soupy Island to get some pics, as my blogs tend to have pictures to coincide with them. Imagine my surprise when I read that Soupy Island was initially called the Sanitarium Association of Philadelphia.

Wait? Sanitarium?!?

I mistook that word for Asylum and I immediately thought…

Wait, our field trips were to an old insane asylum?

What the fuck?

But as I read further, I realized that Soupy Island “was founded by a group of doctors during the 1876 cholera epidemic in Philadelphia as a place for sick children to get out of the city and into clean, fresh air”(Web).

Ok hold up a minute?!

So my school district was so cheap that our field trips were to a place built over a hundred years ago for diseased kids.

And I didn’t know they had swimming pools? WHY? Because us kids weren’t allowed to swim in them.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s because my cheap ass school district couldn’t afford a lifeguard?

All that to say, thanks Daily Post for fuckin up my childhood!!!




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