Of Course I Get the Crazy Angel!!! F M L!!!


My neurosurgeon was called into emergency surgery today, so my appointment was delayed by an hour and a half. AND I didn’t care.Pathetically, I was happy to be out of the house.

Anywho, there were MANY people in the waiting room, so eventually we all got to talking to one another. I was getting antsy, and because I have a hard time concealing my emotions, it was ALL OVER my face. The gentleman across from me asked me if I was okay. My response was, “Yeah whatever I find out today, I can’t be too mad because God saved my life already, so He’s got this too, right?”

The rhetorical question I asked transformed the waiting room into a baptist church testimonial session. Most, if not everyone, told their stories about how God brought them out of something. Another patient showed me her “chicken soup” angel book. At least I think that’s what it said.

Anywho times two, the gentleman across from me I guess “complimented” I don’t know if that is the right word, but it’s 2:18 am, fuck it. I really don’t care right now.

He complimented me on my “faith and trust in God”. He began quoting scripture that was befitting of everyone’s situations. Amens, head nods and hand waves ran amuck. I was with him, he was preaching. I quietly thanked God for sending me one of His angels to calm me.

The gentleman then said, “stay true to the Lord no matter what man has to say about it.Even when I was a teenager and it was raining little frogs. I hid in the car cuz they were hitting the ground and bouncing off the windshield. No one believed me, but I chose to believe the Lord sent those frogs…”

See my mother told me not to talk to strangers. One day,I’ll learn to listen to her. And the next time someone asks me if I am okay, I’m just gonna nod. If the tears fall anyway, that will be the sign to leave me the fuck alone.

Or??? I can walk around with a jar full of little frogs and pelt them at people.

Oh in case you are interested, the link attached to this blog is the procedure I will have to go through in a little over a month. This will make my third brain surgery in less than two years. So pardon me if I feel a little “froggy” for a while.




2 thoughts on “Of Course I Get the Crazy Angel!!! F M L!!!

  1. s. badiyah austin

    le sigh. another surgery???

    i will be praying. i will not place my fears on you. in fact, i will work on eliminating them now. i love you, immensely. i need you like i need myself, or skin, or breath. this journey is now OURS (i’m not sure if you realize this, but it’s now a commitment and i am holding you to your part of the deal).

    btw: lol @ the title. crazy angels are the best ones anyway.


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