first epistle from the enlightened to the future


dear little self,

it is okay to remain innocent

hazel eyed bewilderment is charming

tree tops do have songs of celebration

feel free to keep climbing

head held high with motivation

smiling with determination

minus doubt

equals success.


truth or dare is not a game

they are instructions

dare to question

truths of others

who did not conquer the tree

for their heads were down

calculating the fall

spreading lies of demise so many

did not dare to try at all.


thou shalt not swallow gall

shout to shatter conformity like glass

do not ask for permission to be yourself


be brave

give kisses away like loose change

share the Love given by others

dye your hair in Crayola colors

then shave it off

leaving rainbow paths on your mind

that others follow finding your true treasure

drape yourself in free flowing frocks

mix match your socks

better yet go barefoot

freeing time to find your purpose

within your Spirit in the treetops

celebrating your song


who you are meant to be

©michele mitchell, 2014


Write a poem in the form of a letter (epistle).

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