Peace, Love, Understanding (Ghazal)


sultry summer kiss ignited our new Love

over years we kept it aflame admitting this is true Love


trials, tribulations, sordid situations forced us apart

holding on to fragments of broken hearts. what to do, Love?


soothing the painful past with our passion that lasted

along with patience, faith and trust we’ll make it through, Love


too many had betrayed or may have led your heart astray

i understand as that had happened to me too, Love


but once you wished on that Star, Peace no longer seemed far

and i promise to illuminate solace for you, Love


© michele mitchell, 2014

photo credit:


4 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Understanding (Ghazal)

      1. Phoenix Tears Healed

        Good luck with your new blog; and lol here’s the info I was trying to give you on your other page –

        Hi 🙂 I have I a thought which may help (I do it myself); go to your ‘trophies page’ and just right click and click ‘save the page’, then keep it on a flash drive, so that you can show it to WordPress if you ever lock yourself out you can send a copy to help prove the blog is yours; your trophy page also lists your blogs; you can also do this with others of your private admin pages; hope that helps 🙂

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