Peru: Past, Present, and Future


Anyone who considers themselves “close” to me, knows the story about my past orthodontic horrors that were supposedly passed down from “family” in Peru. (SHUT UP KAY AND TINA!!! LMAO)
Wait, I have family from Peru? All these years I thought I was Italian/Ukrainian/Russian. You know the best of all mafias.
(Yeah don’t fuck with me, they STILL can’t find the last boyfriend who cheated.)
Or am I?
So anyone who’s close to me right now, knows I am trying to keep my brain stimulated so I don’t become a moron…lol SO…I write, color and yes I am learning Spanish. Do I retain the Spanish??? Eh, at times. It depends on how fatigued I am. But I am trying to learn it because, I want to move the hell outta of this country. I am not sure why. I just feel outta place here. I need to be somewhere tropical. I know, I know, the States have tropical locations that also have great neurology departments, and I don’t have to learn another language. But something is calling me to South America, more specifically Brazil or Peru. During mediation, I even manifested my dream beach home, and sometimes, I surf the net looking for pictures of it. Sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t.
My future plan of action is actually shameful. I have noticed on this blog (I can’t recall on the other), I have readers from many different countries and continents, but NONE from Latin and/or South America. So yes, I targeted you all. I hope it didn’t hurt too much, but if you’d like please provide suggestions on where I could or if I even should move to.
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