Fall of Fearno:HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 2 of 2 – Destroy a City


Fall of Fearno
Because even the most blissful environment needs order, the state of Emotion established the Laws of Trust. These Laws were instilled in the children of Fearno from birth. As the children matured and entered the educational system, the Laws of Trust became the central core of curriculum. However, this curriculum wasn’t made readily available to the “farming children” of Suppressyo and Denyo. It was assumed that because those citizens lived on the outskirts of Emotion, there was no immediate need to instill the Laws in their children.
At first the citizens of Suppressyo and Denyo just went along with the program. They were workers after all, and in all actuality didn’t have the time to notice the change in Emotion.
That was until Doubt and Envy decided to form a coup to change Suppressyo and Denyo into a diarchy where they reigned supreme. But the citizens of the towns were anything but blissful. Because of their occupations, they stayed filthy and unkempt. They were exceedingly thin due to the raw diet they were forced to eat because all they did was toil so that the citizens of Fearno could remain Blissful. However after the Harvest, they were able to have small moments of Joy. They would sit on blankets in the field and talk about their dreams deferred while drinking moonshine fermented from fruit peels.
After Envy took the last sip of apple flavored shine, slurred as he asked a question.
“How many of you are tired of fueling the blissfulness of Fearno?”
All raised their hands.
“I say we heat our sickles in a campfire, and when we deliver the provisions, begin notching the pneumatic tubing, so that the city eventually collapses on itself.”
“Here here.” The citizens of Suppressyo and Denyo agreed. But there was one child named Faithful who pulled at the hem of her mother and asked, “But what will happen to me when Doubt and Envy put the state of Emotion into flux?”

Photo Credit: bigjobbie.deviantart.com


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