Fearno, Emotions: HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 1 of 2 – Create a City


No one survived the crash that annihilated Mars into particles. Not that it mattered because the humans were told up front that would be unable to return back to Earth once they landed on Mars. So the only thing the crash did was stop the humans from trying to duplicate an Earth-like planet. So after some light years, Mars’ particles mated with Stars forming seven initial planets (an additional six planets would be discovered later) in the Chakra Solar System. The Green Planet was devised of mostly Seas, but it did have continents for the Goddesses to cultivate their patridas. The patrida which has the most diverse landscapes and people is Devotion. The founding Goddesses of Devotion created their boundaries for states and constructed their cities within states. On the state of Emotions’ coastline lies the city of Fearno.

Fearno is known for its Spanish colonial style beach homes made of glass accented with white onyx wrap around porches and balconies. Those balconies spiral upward creating levels similar to floors in a building. All the levels lead to Plexiglas pneumatic tubing Fearnosians have the luxury of living, going to school, working, shopping and or dining in convenience with the ambiance of the Sea view.

Devotion’s native language is Love. However each patrida has their own unique dialect. The citizens of Fearno, Emotions tend to speak with an agape dialect with hints of eros. Although people on the outskirts of Emotions have a hard time understanding those dialects as they are very different from Suppressyo and Denyo where the farms and water purification plant are that supply the city of Fearno with food and water.


Photo Credit: www.thestar.com


9 thoughts on “Fearno, Emotions: HarsH ReaLiTy – Flash Fiction Challenge Part 1 of 2 – Create a City

  1. Opinionated Man

    Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I like “the state of Emotions” that was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing the post and for taking part in the challenge! The second part of the challenge if you decide to take part is to destroy your city in some way. Let me know if you take part in the second portion! -OM
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  2. Dash McCallen

    I liked the feel of it overall, but I was confused on some terminology. Such as; in the use of light year, is this a unit of measure (light-year) or a passage of time?

    That aside, thumbs up! Keep up the writing!

      1. lilbrightstar Post author

        Thank you for your help and kind words. I don’t know if you read my “about” page, but the fact that I am writing at ALL is a miracle. To know my work is actually appreciated is a bonus 🙂

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