Free Right…Write to Be Free. (Writing 101, Day One, Unlock the Mind)


Free writing huh? It’s ironic because writing frees me anyway. It challenges my challenged mind. I don’t mind if people no longer want to hear about my challenged mind, but just be mindful of my situation. I care too much about others. Not enough about myself. Is that why others are dismissive of me? I am needed but not wanted and it sucks. So I am not really as free as my mind. I am shackled by unasked for obligations. Taken for granted.

You would think he would understand as he is a man in the same situation. Sort of. Not really. But we feel the same. I think that’s why we Love each other so deeply.

We feel the same.

There is this oneness that is effortless. It just flows and we both know there is nothing or no one that can match it.

Matches lit.

Fire consumes then destroys.

We can rebuild from the ashes.

I fan the flames.

I giggle at damn what’s the word…

Ask yourself where does his mind go when he is with you???

It’s tired but true.

He’s tired and I knew.

So I gave him rest.

Upon my bosom, I feel his breath.


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