A Name For (My)self-Daily Prompt


I was going to write a poem (yet again) about the jaw dropping, make you gasp, adjective he called me once, but I honestly can’t remember what it was. I know I should be able to remember it; I just don’t. What I do remember is my whole body was swarming with butterflies after he said it, the way he kissed me afterwards was a juxtaposition of gentile and passionate, the Love making that followed was incredible, and there is a poem about the whole experience somewhere.

So yeah, fuck the poem. (double entendre not intended). The point of this blog is the whole adjective thing. (enter School House Rock’s “Unpack Your Adjectives”). Because, I believe I am the personification of this attributive noun, noun that can be used as an adjective, I would add a suffix to call myself “bohemianista”. For those unaware of the attributive noun’s definition (hush, you’d be surprised):

bo·he·mi·an /boʊˈhimiən/ [boh-hee-mee-uhn]

2. ( usually lowercase ) a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.


It took me a long time and many hardships to get here, but I Love who I am now and am still

becoming. I transform every day, and it’s dope.



Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/name-for-yourself/

PC Paint: by star

What’s in a Name:












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