X Marks the Spot (and other ish I Didn’t Expect)-WARNING LANGUAGE!!!


Yup, that’s my foot.

If you look real hard, you can see a purple X on my foot.


I have no fuckin clue. As some of you may be aware, I had my annual cerebral artery angiogram yesterday. I was supposed to be kept ‘awake but sedated’ and although this was supposed to be ‘no big deal’ and it wouldn’t hurt…

I call…


A-I was NOT awake. I don’t remember anything about the procedure. I thought the Dr. was going to ask me questions and show me how cool my brain looked on the monitor. NOPE I was asleep before I hit the operating room.

B-Anesthesia sucks. Why? Because IT WEARS OFF!!! Apparently, the needle they stuck in my femoral artery was 1/8 of an inch thick and yeah if I was AWAKE for that shit I WOULD HAVE SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER. SO, after the anesthesia wore off and I stopped vomiting, I SCREAMED ANYWAY…WHY??? Because I was in PAIN.

CThat pain, gave me a migraine, so I passed out from it last night. Up until I started typing this blog, I was lying down all day today. Oh I did  take a shower…that was a JOY!!! I can’t get the wound too wet…because it won’t heal correctly and it may become infected. But then I have to let the wound breathe. So I’m kinda in a sundress watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix in between limping to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich.

D-Inserted in my groin, I have a spongy catheter thing to help absorb blood. Kinda like a tampon for your femoral artery, I guess. BUT the cute thing is, it stays there until it fully dissolves in NINETY DAYS. D2Why am I so mad??? Well partly because the last time I had this done was when my aneurysm ruptured, and I was so heavily medicated, I don’t remember it at all. No one told me how much this was going to suck!!!!

E-But here is the fun part, after my surgery, my neurosurgeon came in and politely (he IS a nice guy and I’m not mad with him)said to me, “the procedure went well, but we are concerned about findings on your right When you come in for your two week follow up, we will discuss coiling or if we are just going to monitor it.”

F-Because I was still sedated, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT MEANT!!!  I am going to call him on Tuesday for clarification, but if I have ANOTHER ANEURYSM, I will…fuck I dunno WHAT Ima do…I’ll probably just cry, talk a lot of shit and wonder why my brain wants to be fuckin Pompeii!!!!!

G-And um yeah why DO I have purple Xs on my feet?? I still don’t know and I can’t get the damn marker off.

Okay rant over.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll try to write a poem, or a short story, something less angry.

Thanks for reading




6 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot (and other ish I Didn’t Expect)-WARNING LANGUAGE!!!

  1. s. badiyah austin

    oh no! 😦

    this post freaked me out. i still have two weeks. my lumbar puncture came back sketchy so i had to go on antibiotics before i could go for it! i am sorry it was painful but even more sorry about the inconclusive results. i am hoping and praying for…GREAT news…because…i swear i’m going to cry with you.

    i have been putting off my angio. because i fear…well…the obvious.

    1. lilbrightstar Post author

      I’m sorry Love. I didn’t mean to freak you out, but I read that coils have “issues” sometimes. I just HATE the fact I forget shit especially when it’s important stuff I NEED to remember. I LOVE you!!! I’ll call or text after I make the call to the Dr .

      1. s. badiyah austin

        you need to let me know ASAP what happens! ugh! i’m sorry you’re in pain. i was hoping it was gonna be a breeze. i should have known they were lying…it sounded too good to be true 😛

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