(Possible Adult Language) Promptly Annoyed


I don’t even know how to start this damn tirade, but when I first started blogging, The Daily Post had an easy blog to follow with prompts which could cater to all kinds of writers. As a poet, I looked forward to them as my brain seemed have a “broken GPS” and all of my poems had a Love destination. As I said before, I am a Love junkie, and although I Love him to pieces, even I get sick of gushing over him. So, I looked forward to the Daily Prompt so that I could get some different inspiration.

What the fuck happened to The Daily Post? In the remodeling of their site, they made it more complicated. I’m glad they took those awful red blocks away (So I think, I have to double check). Because that made it rough to copy and paste the blogger’s prompt answers that I dug onto my blog. Then for whatever fuckin reason, The Daily Post doesn’t show up in my reader sporadically or when they do the prompts are out of fucking order. NOW I don’t notice that they post a new prompt until I see someone else’s prompt answer.

NOW the prompts seem to cater to the fiction writer, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s like being a vegan at a wedding reception. If they have an array of meat dishes, but the only vegetable they serve is baked potatoes with bacon, you’re fuckin stuck, and you have to leave the reception and go home and cook something for yourself still wearing your new dress (cuz you’re fucking starving) and you ruin it by dropping tomato sauce on it!!!

NOW I tried to write from their download 365 days of writing prompts and guess the fuck what??? Yup, same kinda shit. I get it; they run out of prompts, everything ain’t for everybody, there are other sites I could go to (and have), or if I was a better writer, I could write a poem about one magic gadget I would buy at the gadget store. But for now, I’m done, my head hurts, and the only thing I have written is this bitchy tirade.

Ps. Since I am bitching, I still haven’t gotten approval from my insurance carrier to have my annual cerebral angiogram. And my long term disability carrier is still a prick who can’t look up a fax number to my PCP. I transpose numbers due to my condition. But I probably have written about that already, kinda like the Daily Prompts.



Photo Credit: nl.hardware.info


One thought on “(Possible Adult Language) Promptly Annoyed

  1. andy1076

    I hate the new look too, before all you had to add was a pingback and they would list it out, topics didn’t repeat themselves either and were actually workable, now? the stuff that comes out is unwriteable with nothing that can be added geeez


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