to be all, demand none (daily prompt)


who desecrated the purity of Love by attaching expectations

what abuse ignited the flames of betrayal, selfishness, and greed

where the path of reciprocity is riddled with snares

when the past scars are used as bargaining chips

why do lips speak long enough to manipulate and betray

how does the Universe recover from the decay of deception?


pray for the annihilator along with the annihilated

breathe forgiveness into their hearts so they will again speak Joy over their journey

reaffirming Faith as they pick up the pieces of their shattered past

not only do hearts heal but like fallen fruit they grow

nurture and protect from unfavorable elements


if efforts appear to have been ineffective

become the prayer of healing

the Light to who still may be seeking to shed their past like whirling seedlings

falling to the Earth to grow


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