Defying the Caterpillar Meme


First of all let me say that being a self-proclaimed “bohemian hippie gypsy”, of COURSE I Love butterflies (sorry Trice). But there is this popular “meme” that is going viral around the cyber world about what a caterpillar has to go through before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. I agree with the intent of the meme which implies one may have to endure a process before he/she is transformed into who one was meant to be. However, my mind travelled, it doesn’t just wander, and I began contemplating about the role of the caterpillar in the meme. It’s kind of sad, actually. Imagine being stereotyped as ugly like a caterpillar or a duckling, and that the only way one could be deemed beautiful is if one changes into something/someone completely different.

Why not accept and Love who we are, the real us. The odd, quirky, awkward, nerdy, non-conforming us who are beautiful anyway because we accept and embrace those negative labels and transform them INTO beauty???

Think about it; and speak about it below…





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