What Made Me a Bohemian Gypsy???

 Photo credit: http://laybabylay.com/patio-style-challenge

I had another blog here, so by all means familiarize yourself with me, my situation and my other blog.

I had to create another blog because one of the side effects from the situation with my brain that I mentioned here (no, seriously click on this link)is that I have short term memory issues. So I forgot my password for my old blog when I accidentally logged out of it. I tried contacting support, but they were unable to help me. I dig my iPhone, I really do, but trying to blog on the WordPress app became more taxing than it was enjoyable, so I just decided to create a new blog. It took me a LONG time to create this due to my condition, so for those of you who are reading these words, THANK YOU!!!

So what makes me a bohemian  gypsy???

Glad you asked. I had to find a way to cope with my brain situation. So I began searching via the internet to find some ways to cope. That led to meditation, holistic healing, chakras, becoming more connected with Mother Earth, and embracing my uniqueness and Spirituality.

Other things you should be aware of:


I vent about my condition because, quite frankly, it put a damper on my lifestyle. The obstacles and setbacks that come with it can range from annoying to debilitating.
I vent about folk who just don’t get what it’s like to be isolated from family and friends because I am no longer able to drive.

I vent about the hypocrisies of some religious institutions:but I don’t judge, attack or condemn. (or at least I try not to)So, I am asking for my readers to not do that on my blog either.

I make a lot of mistakes.

There may be spelling and/ or grammar errors. Or my comments on your blogs may be worded incorrectly/confusingly. Be patient, I am trying really hard.

I am a creative writer.

So be prepared for many poems and short stories.

I am kinda a Love junkie.

Most of my poems are related to Love. With all that I have been and am still going through, I have decided to illuminate Love with light!!!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with my fellow bloggers and friends again.

So, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the solace here.

One Love

Ps. A project I am working on is redoing my patio so I can spend time outside that doesn’t have to deal with a hospital or doctor. The picture on the blog is what I am aiming for, but we shall see.



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